Friday, January 28, 2011

Mohaan Aawatey New Marathi Movie2011|Mohaan Aawatey Sanjay Narvekar's Films| Mohaan Aawatey Star Cast|

Mohaan Aawatey

Aniruddha Kale

Screenplay, Direction:-
Subhash Kale

Story, Music:-
Aniruddha Kale

Camera: -
Anil Xaviar

Cast: -

Sanjay Narvekar, Siya Patil, Kamlakar Satpute, Suhas Paranjape, Prasad Pandit, Ramesh Wani, Vilas Sawant, Tulshiram Patil, Naresh Bidkar, Mahesh Subhedar, Anand Alkunte, Ganesh Divekar, Digambar Rane, K . Vrushali, Ram Kajrolkar, Surekha katkar, Vinay Apte and Ashok Shinde. Varad Mane, Vikrant Patil Angad Rane.

Movie Details:-

Born in a family with just manageable resources for their daily living, Mohaan Aawatey, was a mischievous child during his childhood but he had some good qualities too and those were to help someone in trouble. He was punished several times by his mother for his conduct and one day when he grows older, she sends him to his elder brother Ananda in Mumbai. With his happy go lucky lifestyle, initially, he is not happy with this decision. But, later he goes on to create his own success story with sheer determination and hard work.

While Mohaan lives with his brother and his sister-in-law in a chawl in Mumbai, he assists his brother in his cycle repairing shop. Over here, he comes across a young good looking naive girl, who delivered flower garlands. Both fall in love with each other. In the meanwhile, when Ananda introduces Mohaan to the owner of the chawl Premjibhai, he gets impressed with his skills. Mohaan then becomes the most trusted man of Premjibhai. But, as they say, something else is written in the destiny of such people. Mohaan too faces problems at a particular stage and it remains to be seen, how he tackles them all.

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